An Act for the Attainder of divers Protestants in Ireland.

Introduced in the Irish Parliament, Dublin 12 May 1689. Extracted from the Annals of Derry, Robert Simpson, Londonderry, Hempton,1847. Reprinted  North West Books, Limavady ,1987.

 This act repealed the acts of settlement and all grants, patents and certificates as applied to the persons named. They were all Protestants named by Members of Parliament. The Act was immediately passed three times and then locked away so that any Protestants might not see it, until the expiry date (November) by which time any appeals had to be made. In consequence the property and goods of the persons named were  seized for King James II. Some 2,441  persons were named and all declared “ traitors, and adjudged to suffer the pains of death and forfeiture, without hope of any pardon, after the first day of November  then ensuing.” To make sure James also approved another Act which prevented the English Parliament from rescinding the Irish legislation.

Of those of the City and County of Londonderry, who were, by the aforesaid decree, attainted and declared traitors for their adherence to the Protestant religion, the following is a catalogue, taken from the Rolls Office, Dublin.

     Alexander, Captain Andrew.        Dawson, John, gentleman.
     Ashe, Captain Thomas.               Dawson, Walter, gent.
     Babington, Matthew, gent.           Denney, William, gent.
       Donegal or Derry                       Downing, Captain Adam
     Benson, Basil, gent. do.               Earls, Francis gent.
     Blacker, George, gent.                 Evers, George gent.
     Blackweli, Quarter-master.           Edwards, Captain Nicholas
     Blair, Thomas, gent.                     Elliott, Lieutenant Robert
     Byers, George, gent.                    Farrald, William, gent.
     Brazier, Kilner, gent.                         Donegal or Derry.
     Caldwell, Hugh, gent. Done.         Fisher, James.
      gal or Derry.                                 Foliot, John, Esq.
     Calhoun, Charles, gent.          .     Foliot, Thomas, gent.
     Campsie, Lieutenant Hugh.           Forward, Captain, Donegal
     Canning, Colonel George.                      or Derry;
     Carey, Lieut.-Col. Edward.            Forward, Joshua, do.
     Cary, Captain Francis, Done-        Gage, Captain John.
      gal or Derry.                                  Gillespie, James, gent.
     Cary, Lieutenant William do.          Gore, Ralph, gent. Donegal
     Cary, Captain Robert do.                             or Deny.
     Church, Captain William.               Groves, William, gent. do.
     Cockayne, Matthew, gent.             Graham, James, do.
     Cope, Durham Esq.                       George, James, do.
     Conolly, Patrick, gent.                    Hamel, Hugh, Esq.
      Donegal or Derry.                          Hamilton, John, Donegal or
     Corry, William, gent.                                Derry.
      Donegal or Derry.                          Hamilton, Charles, do.
     Cowan, Captain John do.               Hamilton, Francis, gent.
     Cowan, Robert, gentleman.            Hamilton, Major Gustavus
     Cunningham, Lt.-Col. Wm.              Hart, George, gent. Donegal
     Cunningham, William, Done-               or Derry.
      gal or Derry.                                   Hart, Captain Henry.
     Cunningham, Henry, do.                 Heard. Captain Stephen.
     Hardman, William gent.                   Orr, John,   }Donegal or Derry
     Hillhouse, Captain Abraham.           Orr, James, } .
     Hogg, Alexander gent.                     Patton, Henry gent.
     Hopkins, Lord Bishop.                     Phillips, Colonel George:
     Huey, Captain James.                     Phillips, Captain Thomas.
     Hunter, Henry gent.                         Powell, .Johnathan gent
     Irwin, John gent.                              Price, William gent.
     Jennings, T. gent.                            Rea. Captain James.
     Johnston, Captain John.                  Reney, Captain Hugh.
     Jourdan, P. gent.                              Richardson, Wm Esq.
    Knox, John gent.                               Rossal, David gent.
    Knox, Andrew, Donegal or                Rowley, Hugh Esq.
        Derry.                                            Sampson, Michael gent.   
     Knox, William gent. do.                            Donegal or Derry.
     Leathem, Captain William,                Scott, Mathew gent. do.
           Donegal or Derry.                       Skinner, James gent.
     Lesly, Rev. Charles do.                     Skipton, Captain George.
     Lindsey, Andrew do.                         Skipton, Captain Alexander.
     Long. Lieutenant Henry.                   Smith, Captain William.
     Lundy, Lieut-Col. Robert.                  Squirl, Captain Jervas. -
     Mackay, Lieutenant William.              Stewart, John gent. Donegal
     M’Lornane, Captain Mathew                       or Derry.
     Maddan, Daniel gent.                         Strong, Captain James do.
     Mansfield, Ralph, Donegal or             Sweetnam, George gent.
        Derry.                                              Sweetnam, Tristram gent.
    Maxwell, James Esq.                          Thompson, Lieut. Henry.
    Miller, Captain.                                    Trueman, Ralph gent.
    Morrison, Lieutenant Robert                Vaughan. Captain George,
    Montgomery. John gent. Do-                     Donegal or Derry.
        negal or Derry.                                 Vaughan, ----Esq.
    Newtown, Lieut. William.                      Wallace, Lieutenant William.
    Norman, Samuel Esq.                          Walker, William gent.
    Nesbit, Alexander, .Donegal                 Walker, Lieutenant William. 
           or Derry.                                         Workman, Meredith gent.
     Nesbit John do.                                    Wright Captain Samuel.
     Obery, Francis gent. Derry.                 Young, James, Donegal or  

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