Commission for Justiciary, and instructions,September 6th, 1684

"Charles, &c. to all and sundry our lieges and subjects whom it effeirs, greeting: forasmuch as, albeit the many endeavours  used by us to reclaim the disaffected and disorderly people, in several of the western and southern shires of this our kingdom, have not been so effectual as the gentleness of our government, and the interest of all concerned gave us ground to hope; but on the contrary, they continue in rebellious convocations, and seditious conventicles, and other disorderly practices, without any competent endeavours used by those concerned in the several shires, either conform to our standing laws or late proclamations: yet we being still resolved to prosecute all just means for securing our royal power, and the safety of our people, have thought expedient, that before more severe remedies be tried, with advice of the lords of our privy council, hereby to empower some of our privy council to go to several shires and places. And particularly the duke of Hamilton, our treasurer-depute, and justice-clerk, to the shires of Clydesdale, Renfrew, and Dumbarton; the earl of Marr, lord Livingstone, and lieutenant-general Drummond, to the shire of Ayr; our treasurer-principal, the lord Drumlanark, and colonel Graham of Claverhonse, to Dumfries and Wigton, and the stewartries of Annandale and Kirkcudbright; the earl of Ba!carras, lord Tester, William Hay of Drumelzier, to the shires of Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peebles, and Merse. With full power to them, or any two of them, within the shires and districts foresaid, to act as commissioners of our justiciary, in all matters criminal; and for that effect, to affix and hold criminal courts, create clerks, call assizes, &c. (as in former commissions above insert,) as fully as the commissioners of our justiciary have done, or may do. And to the effect, the design of this commission against disorderly and irregular persons may be the better prosecute, we do empower them to hold courts, and in these Courts to call and convene all persons guilty of conventicles, withdrawing fromn public ordinance, disorderly baptisms and marriages,and such like disorders and irregularities; and to take their oath, examine witnesses against them, pronounce sentences, and the same to due execution cause be put, by imprisonment, or other legal diligence, conform to the laws of this realm. And generally to act and do conform to the tenor of the instructions herewith given by us, or which shall hereafter be given by us, our privy council, or secret committee of our privy council, as fully and freely in all respects as a quorum of our privy council, if they were present All persons are ordered to attend the lords justices, as in common form; and this commission to endure till the first of December next, unless we think fit to prorogate the same. Given under our signet at Edinburgh, September 6th, 1684"

Instructions to the Circuit Courts.


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