Martyrs Memorial, Greyfriars Kirk Yard, Edinburgh.


Patriots have toiled, and in their country's cause

Bled nobly ; and their deeds, as they deserve,

Receive proud recompense. We give in charge

Their names to the sweet lyre. Th' historic Muse,

Proud of the treasure, marches with it down

To latest times ; and Sculpture, in her turn

Gives bond in stone and ever-during brass

To guard them, and t' immortalise their trust

But fairer wreaths are due, though never paid,

To those who, posted at the shrine of Truth,

Have fallen in her defence. A patriot's blood,

Well spent in such a strife, may earn indeed,

And for a time insure, to his loved land,

The sweets of liberty and equal laws ;

But martyrs struggle for a brighter prize,

And win it with more pain.

Their blood is shed In confirmation of the noblest claim—

Our claim to feed upon immortal truth,

To walk with God, to be divinely free,

To soar, and to anticipate the skies.

Yet few remember them. They lived unknown„

Till Persecution dragg'd them into fame.

And chased them up to Heaven.


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