They suffered for their beliefs.

 These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.  (Revelations 7.14)

The Scots Worthies is an often quoted source for the numbers of Presbyterians who died or were subject of `the utmost hardships and extremities`. The total number given is 18,000 which is for the twenty eight years of persecution from 1660 to 1688. These pan out as follows:

Transported to the Colonies West Indies & America   1,700

Banished to the Northern Isles    750

Murdered ( drowned on the Crown )    200

Imprisoned, confined,    3,600

[includes 800 outlawed; 55 for execution if caught.]

Killed in skirmishes     680

Voluntary exile   7,000

Shot and hung without process of law   498

Executed , by law  362                         Sub total  14,790

Balance to 18,000 who perished on the moors etc. about   3,210

The Martyrs Monument in Greyfriars Kirk Yard says that between May 27th 1661 and 17 February 1688 ` about an hundred of Noblemen Gentlemen, Ministers and other noble martyrs ` lie there. The original monument was erected ca 1706.

There are several other sources for numbers most notable being Robert Wodrow`s The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland  and J H Thomson`s A Cloud of Witnesses for the Royal Prerogative of Jesus Christ. which is based on Wodrow`s manuscripts. More recently Thorbjorn Campbell in his Standing Witnesses  provided lists of known and verifiable deaths along with details of surviving memorials.

 Executed in Edinburgh          95

Killed, executed, in the countryside               172

Lost on the Crown    197 ( 211 )

 Over three hundred years later it is impossible to be more accurate than quoted by Howie. But even 18,000 only represents the post Restoration period as there were between 10-12,000 more who gave their lives on the battlefield in the cause of the Covenant. The estimates of deaths in battle during Montrose`s campaign of 1644-5 are below with alternative estimates from other sources in brackets:

Tippermuir                    3,000 (1300 + 800 captured)

Aberdeen                        800

Fivy                              unknown ( perhaps a few hundred)

Inveraray                         900

Inverlochy                    1,700 (1500)

Auldearn                      2,000 (3000)

Alford                             700 (1600)

Kilsyth                         3,000 (4000)

Total                          12,100 and probably many more.

To these might be added the losses during the civil wars  who were either killed or transported as prisoners to Continental armies (Poland, Prussia, Sweden) or to America and the West Indies:

Preston / Winwick 17-19 August 1648, 1000 killed, 4600 captured

Dunbar 3 September 1650, 3-4000 killed and 10,000 captured

Inverkeithing 20 July 1651, 2000 killed.

Dundee, 1 September 1651, 800 killed.

Worcester,3 September 1651, 2000 killed and 10,000 captured.

 A ball park figure of perhaps 30,000 may have died for their beliefs  and Presbytery during the whole of the Scottish Reformation.

 See also Crimes alleged against Ministers.

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