Old  Scottish  Money

Scottish money was abolished as a circulating currency at the Act of Union in 1707.However, the valued rent of land , and in many places, feu duties and ministers stipends , schoolmaster`s salaries,  and other parochial payments were still reckoned  by the pound Scots and the merk, or mark, for some considerable time after the Union. But payment was made in English pounds sterling.

Both the English and the Scottish pound  was made up of twenty shillings, each of twelve pence. Thus there were 240 pence in a pound. But there were 12 Scots pounds to the English pound. The merk was 2/3rds of a Scottish pound or 13 shillings and fourpence.

        Scottish                                                                               sterling
1 penny or doyt                                                                           1/12th d
2 pennies                              1 bodle                                              1/6thd
2 bodles                                1 plack  or groat                               1/3rd d
3 placks                                1 bawbee *                                        1/2 d
12 pennies                            1 shilling                                            1   d
20 shillings                            1 pound                                             20 d
13 shillings and 4 pennies    1 merk or mark                                   13 d
18 merks or marks, or 12 pounds Scots                                         1 st.

* the bawbee was originally a copper coin worth  1/2 pence; in Mary QoS time it was three pence Scots money, and later raised to six pennies.

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