The Reformation in Europe . Index

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The Reformation in Europe.
The Eucharist explained. Different interpretations.
The Waldensians.
Waldensian Time Line.
The Noble Lesson.
The Inquisition.
Martyrdom in Piedmont and Provence 16C.
European Reformers. Bohemia, Jan Hus, Master Jerome of Prague.
The execution of Jan Hus, 6 July 1415
European Reformers - France, Lefevre, Farel, Briconnet.
European Reformers  - France / Switzerland, Calvin.
Reformation in France.
The placards against the Mass, 24 October 1534.
European Reformers - Switzerland, Zwingli,
European Reformers - Sweden, Gustavus Vasa, Olaf Paterson.
European Reformers - Denmark,Norway and Iceland, Elia,Taussanus, Martin,
European Reformers - Germany. Luther`s objections to the Church of Rome.
The 95 Theses.
The "Protest" at Speyer 1529; Reformers called "Protestants "
The Protest, text.
The Augsburg Confession.
Schmalkald League, war, Peace of Passau and Peace of Augsburg 1555. Lutheranism established.
Peace of Augsburg (Treaty) 1555, extracts.
Erasmus (1466 - 1536)
Ignatius Loyola - the Jesuits.
A Chronology of the Reformation in Europe
Time Line (Table) - European politics 1493-1621.

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