The Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association.

The Association was founded in 1966  by three men, William Stirling, Walter Storrar and William Miller, who saw that the memorials to the Covenanters were in poor condition. They made the first efforts to go round the countryside cleaning graves, painting railings and bringing the memorials to the notice of local authorities. The Association became a registered Scottish Charity in 1993.

The aims of the Association are to restore, repair and preserve the graves and memorials to the Covenanters; and to promote a greater awareness of our religious and historical heritage. To this end local members are encouraged to help in their locality, doing simple jobs such as weeding plots and tidying up. Cleaning stones requires special care and may best be done by professionals. Stones that are degrading or damaged are repaired by professional  masons and sculptors paid from Association funds.

Interested in helping this worthwhile cause ?  Even if you cannot help physically in the maintenance work your subscription will still help pay for the professional help that is needed. Come and Join us.

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